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Water barrel with a tap


Water barrel can be used in many places to contain and dispense water. The volume of the barrel is 40 liters and the color mimics real oak barrel. The water barrel is made of durable PE plastic.

The water barrel comes with a good lid and a tap.


Water barrel with a tap is good for containing and dispensing water. The barrel has volume of 40-liters and comes with a tap and ready-made hole for it. The tap is really easy to put in place.

As an option, you can choose to replace the standard tap with a Drop hand washing dispenser to make the barrel a really convenient hand washing tool. Drop hand washing dispenser is sold separately.


  • The barrel
  • A lid
  • A tap


  • Volume: 40 liters
  • Height: 49 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Material: PE
  • Color: Oak

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