Pikkuvihreä Urinal


Pikkuvihreä Urinal is a perfect accessory to all outhouses and dry toilets. The Urinal cuts off the liquid load from a composting toilet and hence prevents odor problems. Moreover, collected urine is proved to be ideal fertilizer for gardening purposes.

  • inexpensive, sturdy urinal
  • enables to collect urine
  • easy to install
Does not require water Does not require electricity

Frequently bought together:

Urine canister

The canister is used to collect urine from urinals. Urine is an ideal, ecological fertilizer to be used in the garden. The canister can be used with composting toilets, e.g. Green Toilet as well.

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Pikkuvihreä Urinal is useful in many ways:

  • It cuts off the liquid load from the composting toilet and thus prevents unwanted odors.
  • The urinal provides easy way to collect urine which can be used as perfect, ecological fertilizer e.g. in garden.
  • The urinal is popular, convenient and clean accessory for all dry toilets and outhouses.


  • urinal
  • liquid hose 1.5 meters
  • screws for fixing

There is an in-built grate on the bottom of the urinal to prevent any rubbish going into the hose.

Color: Grey

Measurements: height 40 cm, width 30 cm, depth 20 cm

Filter prevents the hose from blocking

The Urinal has a filter at the bottom of the bowl to prevent the urine hose from getting blocked by leafs and other dirt. The Urinal is also easier to keep clean thanks to the filter.

Twofold attachment

The Urinal is attached to a wall or a fence with screws included in the package. The screws will go through two subsequent holes so that the urinal gets attached tightly to the wall.

Need a longer hose?

The Urinal comes with a standard 1.5 meter long urine hose. However, you can order a longer hose up to 25 meters. Just add as many flex hoses as you need to your cart and we will ship the entire hose in one piece. Note: there is also a 32 mm hose available that fits the urinal as well.

Great item to have around. VERY well made.

Great value and perfect for outdoor use

Great addition to the garden bar

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