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Outhouse dry material package


With this outhouse package the use starts nicely after winter. We have combined the most popular outhouse products to one economical package.

  • 3 bags of dry material
  • Puucee Janne biodegrader
  • GeoTrap nutrient trap
  • Thermal seat


After the winter break it is a good idea to clean the outhouse and equip it with this handy package. We have gathered the most popular dry materials and compost boosters as well as a good thermal seat.

  • The Kiteen dry material is peat-free, made out of bio waste gathered in lakes. It is light to carry, even though the volume is large (3 x 40 liters).
  • Puucee Janne is a classic: the yellow, citrus scented outhouse powder which boosts the composting process efficiently.
  • GeoTrap Nutrient trap to control odor and prevent valuable nutrients to be lost. It also improves the composition of the compost.
  • A thermal seat to bring extra comfort when the the temperature is still cold. The insulated should be changed regularly to keep it hygienic.


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