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Omahuussi-outhouse is Pikkuvihreä´s own outhouse model, which is made locally in Finland.

Green Toilet 330 composting toilet

Green Toilet 330 composting toilet is a dry toilet that can be used anywhere, because it does not need any water or electricity to operate. The power of the Green Toilet is based on a special double base which enables effective composting. Service with the spare container is fast and effortless.

  • no handling of raw toilet waste, safe and hygienic
  • tested and proven in use already decades
  • easy service in minutes - no shoveling

In stock: 6 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Omahuussi is delivered in elements: the roof and the walls stacked on a pallet. Omahuussi is also ready painted inside and out. Basic colours: red, green, yellow and grey, but also customer´s own color can be ordered.  The side of the window can also be determined upon order.

Omahuussi is designed for Green Toilet composting dry toilet: both the smaller Green Toilet 120 Family or the larger Green Toilet 330 can easily be installed to Omahuussi.

At Pikkuvihreä we have ready outhouses for immediate delivery as well as models to be seen.

Measurements of Omahuussi

  • width 125 x depth 170 cm
  • height from floor to roof top 260 cm
  • width of the roof 160 cm
  • seat height 45 cm, height of the step inside 28 cm
  • door: height 180 cm, width 65 cm


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