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Separett Villa 9020 urine separating toilet


The operation of Separett Villa toilet is based on urine and solid waste separation already in the toilet seat. Model Villa 9020 is suitable for places where there is room below the bathroom floor level and long service intervals are wanted.

  • urine separation enables the use as a fertilizer
  • the solid waste container can be chosen freely
  • all service is done outside the bathroom
Does not require water


Separett Villa is a urine separating toilet, which separates the solid waste and the urine already in the seat of the toilet. This will reduce the risk for odor problems. The Villa series has been on the market for over 15 years and during that time, many helpful and handy features have been developed to the product: eg. view screen and in-built fan.


Separett Villa 9020 toilet seat is installed inside the bathroom and the solid waste collection container is placed below the toilet under the floor. Normal ventilation and liquid hose outlets are done for the toilet inside the bathroom like in other Villa-series toilets. Thus, the service and emptying the toilet can be done outside.

When the user sits on the Villa-toilet, the view screen opens automatically. Urine will flow from the urine bowl at the front to a separate canister outside and the solid waste goes through the waste shaft down to a container.


  • Separett Villa 9020 toilet
  • Ventilation pipe 40 cm Ø 75 mm
  • Ventilation pipe shield
  • Flashing
  • pipe 90° bend
  • ventilation pipe hat
  • white urine hose 2 m Ø32 mm
  • silicone, screws for mounting

Separett product code 1191-01


  • For the installation below the floor level, an installation kit 9020 is needed:
  • drainage pipe 100 cm Ø160mm incl. connection to the waste container
  • waste containers with lids pcs
  • waste bags 10 pcs
  • screw and washers for fixation of the drain pipe

Separett product code 1227-01

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