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Separett Villa 9010 dry toilet


Separett Villa toilets are urine diverting, which means that the liquid waste is separated in the seat. Separett Villa 9010 is suitable for places where there is no electricity, but the fan can by powered by a battery or by a solar panel (12 V).

Does not require water


Separett Villa 9010 is identical to Separett Villa 9000, but has a fan that can be operated either with 12 v or 230 V current. Separett Villa is at its best in family use during summertime, when there is direct use for the urine in the garden.


Separett Villa can be installed directly on the floor. It needs outlets for the ventilation pipe as well as to the liquid hose. One always sits down when using Villa-toilet. When sitting down, the view shield that covers the solid waste container, opens up. the diverted urine can be used in the garden directly as fertilizer. The solid waste has to be composted for 6-12 months in the spare buckets or in a separate garden composter before use.

The fan of Separett Villa keeps the toilet and the space odorless. No dry material is used in the toilet.


  • Separett Villa 9010 toilet
  • ventilation pipe 40 cm Ø 75 mm
  • insect shield net for the pipe
  • outlet cover
  • bend pipe 90 ° Ø 75 mm
  • ventilation pipe hat
  • waste containers 3 pcs with 2 lids
  • 10 bio waste bags
  • urine hose 2 m Ø 32 mm
  • adapter for the power with plugs
  • silicone for insulation
  • screws for installation

Please note: the battery is not included.


  • measurements: width 456 mm, depth 672 mm, height 541 mm. seating height 440 mm.
  • power consumption 0,06 kWh/ day
  • guarantee 5 years (non-moving parts), fan 3 years
  • noise < 30 dB (A)
  • max.load 150 kg
  • inner container volume 23 liters, weight when full approx. 8-10 kg
  • piping: ventilation pipe 75 mm, urine hose 32 mm

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