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ProBio Tech Compost Booster tap package


The now popular ProBio Tech Compost Booster also available in a handy 3-liter tap package. ProBio accelerates the decomposition of all organic waste, such as food, household, garden and toilet waste. At the same time, it significantly reduces the unpleasant odors of any compost.

  • organic
  • long effect
  • does not need oxygen to operate
  • easy dosage

In stock: 9 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


The power of the ProBio Tech Compost Booster is based on microbes that occur in nature. The product contains naturally occurring photosynthetic bacteria and yeasts as a suitable mixture. ProBio Tech Compost Booster is 100% organic product made in Finland. The product does not contain any genetically modified microbes.


Dosage: 1 liter to 20-50 liters of water (1:20 – 1:50)

The substance is a concentrate and should be diluted with water before use. Apply by spray bottle or pressure sprayer to the compost or composter once a week or whenever the temperature of the compost mass drops significantly. In dry toilets, the product is sprayed onto the toilet waste, for example, each time the toilet is used. In bio waste containers, the product is applied to the bottom of the empty container and during daily use.


The product can be stored at room temperature. The tap package is usable for about two years from the production date.

The packaging is recyclable.

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