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Pikkuvihreä ProBio Bokash


Pikkuvihreä ProBio Bokash is the in-home composter for every household kitchen! ProBio Bokash composts all kitchen waste efficiently, even within 8 – 12 weeks. 

  • in-built double base of the Bokash bin
  • efficient organic microbes in use
  • suitable even to the smallest kitchens

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Pikkuvihreä ProBio Bokash is a special compost bin which separates compost liquids from the solid biomass using an in-built double base. The Bokash utilizes compost booster that includes lots of environment-friendly biological decomposing microbes that turn kitchen waste to clean reusable soil already in 8 – 12 weeks.

During the composting process, the ProBio Bokash bin warms many degrees up to 40 * Celsius producing plenty of compost liquid. The liquids can easily be emptied from the bottom tap of the bokash bin and reused for example in flowerpot. Thanks to airtight seat, the bokash bin is completely odorless indoors. Unlike traditional outdoor composters, the ProBio Bokash and the microbes, inside require no oxygen for functioning.


Pikkuvihreä ProBio Bokash includes two bokash bins, so that as the first bin becomes full, the other can be taken into use while the former can be left for further composting. When the kitchen waste has been fully composted, the soil can be used for instance in garden or flowerpot. In addition to two bokash bins, the package includes three liters of ProBio compost booster necessary for efficient composting process. The three-liter package is enough for a year in everyday use! The package also includes a small ladle for dosing of compost booster and a liquid cup for separation of compost liquids as well as a black pushing tool needed for thickening of the compost mass.


MEASUREMENTS 37 cm 32 cm 26 cm
VOLUME 16 liters

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