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Pikkuvihreä Dry toilet package


Pikkuvihreä dry toilet package is a modern turnkey solution for homes and summer cottages! Equipped with an electric duct fan, the dry toilet is completely odorless and thus suitable for indoor use. Thanks to its advanced design, the dry toilet is effortless to maintain.

  • fan guarantees odorless operation
  • no tools needed for service
  • fits into small spaces
Does not require water

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Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Pikkuvihreä dry toilet package is a modern, completely odorless, waterless toilet solution. This package contains all that you need to install and take into use a dry toilet. Pikkuvihreä dry toilet package is especially good for indoors as the odor free toilet experience is guaranteed by an electrical duct fan. Pikkuvihreä dry toilet separates urine from the solid waste inside the composting container thus enabling the composting process to start during the use. Bulking material can be added by turning the handle on the top of the toilet.


The dry toilet has two nested containers – an inner and an outer container. The inner container has a drain hole in the back for letting the excess liquid out to the liquid hose and the canister outside. When the inner container becomes full, it can easily be lifted up and carried out for emptying. To prevent liquid leakages, the toilet has a unique valve that closes automatically the drain during maintenance. The process of emptying the toilet requires no tools or fixtures thanks to brilliant design.


  • Dry toilet including the inner and outer containers
  • Seat with a lid
  • Ventilation pipes (4 x 500 mm, diameter 75 mm)
  • Connectors for ventilation pipes (3 x 90 mm, diameter 76 mm)
  • Liquid hose (length 2000 mm, diameter 32 mm) w/ fixture
  • Plastic ladle for dry material
  • Pikkuvihreä electric duct fan (length 29 cm, diameter 75 mm; cable length 1250 mm)
  • Ventilation pipe hat
  • Canister for excess liquid (20 liters)
  • Bag of dry material
  • Instructions for assembly and use


The solid waste container of the dry toilet is 44 liters, which may not allow the waste to fully compost before emptying. Thus, the user needs a compost outside in the garden to take the pre-composted material to turn into mulch. When the container becomes full, it is lifted out and carried to a garden compost or equivalent.

The excess liquid of the dry toilet is collected to a canister. It is nutrient-rich liquid, which can be used directly as a fertilizer to ornamental plants (not vegetables) or poured to a compost, where the urine will boost the composting process. However, remember to make sure that seap liquid does not get to any water body, lake, pond, ditch or well.


Pikkuvihreä dry toilet is suitable for indoor use at holiday homes, especially when there is also an outhouse in use. It can also serve in seasonal use as the only toilet of 1-3 users. The measurements of the dry toilet are small and it can easily be installed to small spaces, like under the stairs or to a closet. It can be installed to a traditional outhouse as well.


If there are more users and space, Green Toilet 120 Family could be an option for continuous use indoors or to an outhouse.

Pikkuvihreä dry toilet 506 can be purchased separately, without the accessories.

Another accessory that may be handy, is the GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter. With the filter, collecting the seap liquid to a canister can be avoided totally.

Also, if there is no electricity on site, can the duct fan be replaced with a wind fan.

If you need more ventilation pipes or bend parts – contact us!


height depth width
Measurements 590 mm 706 mm 390 mm
Seating height 420 mm
Volume of the waste container 44 l
Volume of the dry material container 12 l
Weight 13 kg
Ventilation pipe Ø 75 mm lenght tot. 200 cm
Liquid hose Ø 32 mm lenght 200 cm

Urine separation

There is a back wall inside the inner container that separates liquid toilet waste from solids. From there, the liquid waste is lead through a hose e.g. to a canister or a special dry toilet filter.

No need to detach vent pipes

The white top part of the toilet has been designed such that you do not need to detach the ventilation pipes when emptying the toilet. Thus, no tools are needed for maintenance. Simply lift the white top part aside and the the inner container to toilet waste compost.

Self-closing valve

At the back of the toilet, there is a valve that closes by itself when the inner container is lifted out for emptying. Hence, no liquid will spill out from the toilet when carried to emptying site.

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