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Pikkuvihreä Outhouse Package

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Pikkuvihreä Outhouse package is a complete toilet package with a modern-looking outhouse and a Green Toilet 120 Family composting dry toilet. The outhouse has been made from highly quality materials 100 % in Finland.

Choose accessories as needed:

Roof material for the outhouse

Roof materials for Helppo Outhouse.

Wind fan black (recommended)

Quality wind fan, which is suitable for example to the ventilation of a dry toilet or other small spaces like sheds and cellars. Fits into 75 mm or 110 mm ventilation pipe.


Delivery contents

Technical information

(Technical drawing with measurements below))

  • Height: 260 cm front
  • Width: 154 cm
  • Depth: 165 cm
  • Area: 2,25 m2
  • Material: plained spruce
  • Finishing: unpainted wood
  • Material thickness: 20 mm

Green Toilet installation

The outhouse package includes a Green Toilet 120 Family composting toilet which is installed underneath the wooden bench seat inside the outhouse. From there it is easy to be pulled out without any extra tools or anything, when it is time for emptying / switching containers.

Traditional wooden seat

The outhouse is equipped with a traditional style wooden bench-type seat. The Green Toilet 120 Family always includes a styrofoam seat that is nice and warm to sit on. In addition, there is a starter bag of dry material included in the package.

Spare container is great!

There is also a spare container available for the Green Toilet. The spare container enables continuous use of the toilet. When the first Green Toilet container fills up, there is a spare container that can be put into use immediately. The filled up container can be set aside to fully decompose in the garden.

The spare container is sold separately.

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