Pikkuvihreä 905 dry toilet

Pikkuvihreä dry toilet 905 is both elegant and easy to use. It does not need water, drain or electricity to operate. The large, 120 liter, waste container together with liquid separation give good capacity and long service intervals.

  • wheels make the emptying easy
  • dry material added from a special tank on the top

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Does not require water Does not require electricity


Pikkuvihreä dry toilet 905 is an elegant waterless toilet that can be placed on the floor freely. It requires outlets for a ventilation pipe and a liquid hose. The emptying can be done easily without any tools. The toilet is attached to a dock while in use. For service, it is pulled out of the dock and taken out with the help of wheels. The liquid outlet closes automatically when the toilet is taken out of the dock.


All the toilet waste: urine, solid waste and papers go into the same container. Inside the container, the structure allows excess liquid to flow out from the back to the liquid hose. This enables the composting process to start already during the use. The user can add peat or other dry material after each use by turning the handle on the top toilet. The dry material will ensure an odor-free toilet and speed up the composting process.


  • height from at the back from floor 75 cm
  • width of the white seat part 60 cm
  • seating height 52 cm
  • depth on the floor 72 cm


  • the toilet frame: upper, white part with the dry material tank and the lower, light-brown container
  • ventilation pipes: diam. 75 cm,  3 pcs  x 50 cm and 1 pc 32 cm
  • joints for the ventilation pipes and fixtures 2 pcs
  • liquid hose 2 m, diam. 32 mm
  • a ladle for dry material


When the waste container becomes full, the flexible part of the ventilation pipe is turned, the upper white part is lifted off and the waste container can be pulled out. With the help of wheels, the container can be taken out for emptying to eg. a garden composter. No tools are needed for the service and the liquid hose can stay on the dock untouched.

Before putting the toilet back to the dock, a good layer of dry material is poured on the bottom. This will help the composting process start again.


Pikkuvihreä dry toilet 905 is suitable for holiday homes where there are users 4-6 persons. It can be installed bot to indoors or to a outhouse. It is also a good choice if long service intervals are important.


If there are less users for the toilet, the smaller version may be a better choice: Pikkuvihreä dry toilet 506.

When the dry toilet is installed indoors, we strongly recommend it to be equipped with an electrical duct fan or if there is no electricity, with a wind fan.

For the excess liquid, a canister is needed or alternatively, the liquid can be treated with the GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter.

To speed up the composting, ProBio Tech Compost Booster can be used.