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Outhouse Helppo

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Outhouse Helppo is a combined outhouse and a storage space in one package. It has modern, stylish looks and is made of quality Finnish wood.

  • Get two in one: an outhouse and a storage
  • Spacious

Choose accessories as needed:

Eaves for outhouse roof

Eaves for outhouse roof

Green Toilet 330 composting toilet

Green Toilet 330 composting toilet is a dry toilet that can be used anywhere, because it does not need any water or electricity to operate. The power of the Green Toilet is based on a special double base which enables effective composting. Service with the spare container is fast and effortless.

  • no handling of raw toilet waste, safe and hygienic
  • tested and proven in use already decades
  • easy service in minutes - no shoveling


In this Helppo Outhouse package you can combine a spacious outhouse with a useful storage space. Helppo is delivered in elements and it is easy to assembly with the instructions.

Together with this outhouse goes perfectly the composting Green Toilet. This is a combination that can serve you well for many years to come.

Please note: this Helppo-Outhouse is not available for delivery outside Europe.


  • Walls: 1 x 2 -elements
  • Frame: 45 x 58 mm planed timber
  • Panels: 20 x 120 mm planed timber
  • Door and windows as in the model
  • Bench for the Green Toilet included
  • Roof: solid wood panelling (no roofing felt included)
  • Floor: 21 mm board

The outhouse is delivered as elements on a pallet.


  • Area 3,8 m²
  • Depth 1655 mm
  • Outhouse width 1520 mm
  • Storage width 1020 mm
  • Roof area 7 m²

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