Log outhouse Ilona

Ilona log outhouse is a sturdy, classical outhouse to any yard. Combined with eg. the composting Green Toilet, you will get a package that serves you long and well.

  • spacious, area 2,3 m²
  • easy assembly with good instructions

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Ilona log outhouse is made of 34 mm log. It is spacious, sturdy and easy to assembly outhouse to any yard or garden. Combine Ilona with the Green Toilet package and you will get a complete dry toilet that can serve a large family or group eg. at a summer cottage.


  • all the wooden parts
  • door with hinges and a lock
  • windows with mounting
  • seating bench with a hole

The customer should acquire the roofing felt (area 4,9 m²). By special order, thicker log of 45 mm available – contact us!


  • Depth and width 1668 mm
  • Height 2333 mm
  • Area 2,3 m²

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