Kekkilä Biodegrader for Composting Toilet


Kekkilä Biodegrader for Composting Toilet is an effective product to boost composting process. When used regularly, odor problems are prevented, the composting is faster and the service of the toilet more pleasant.

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Kekkilä Biodegrader is used to boost the composting process in a dry toilet. When used regularly, it will speed up the composting so that it will become ready fertilizer faster and the emptying will become easier. It is suitable to be used with all composting toilets.

One package is enough for about 400 liters of toilet waste.


Add about one spoon of Kekkilä Biodegrader after every toilet use. It is recommended to use also some kind of dry material in the toilet, eg. peat or saw dust. If there are odor problems in the toilet, the dosage can be lifted to about ½ dl per use until the odor disappears.

Storage in cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Keep out of children or pets.

Package: 3 kg.

Package made out of recycled plastic.