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Green Toilet 120 Family composting toilet


Green Toilet 120 Family is a waterless, odorless composting toilet, which is easy to use and service. It is an excellent choice for a holiday home and it can easily be installed to old outhouse as well.

  • efficient composting ability
  • serviced in minutes, no shoveling
  • endless capacity with spare containers
  • handy size, easy to move with wheels and sturdy handles
  • durable and reliable in use
  • no need for special instructions for users
Does not require water Does not require electricity

In stock: over 15 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Green Toilet is an ecological composting dry toilet designed and manufactured in Finland. Green Toilet operates with any water or electricity and is therefore an ideal solution anywhere where there is no drainage or water available.


Inside the Green Toilet container, there is a special double base, which separates the urine from the solid waste making the toilet completely odorless and pleasant to use. The special capillary bottom allows some of the urine to be absorbed back to the composting solid waste, just like in underwatering flowerpots. This unique feature of the Green Toilet speeds up the composting process significantly. Efficient composting requires suitable moisture: the mass inside the container should not be too wet or too dry.

The excess liquid, ie. the seap liquid is led through a hose from the bottom of the container to a canister. Alternatively, the seap liquid can be filtered with a GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter.

The use and the service of the Green Toilet is based on batch composting: when the composting container in use gets full, it is pulled out of the toilet by wheels and a spare container is taken into use. The full container is closed with a lid and it is left to decompose until the next service. Thus, one does not have to shovel or handle raw toilet waste in any way.

The third important feature is the ventilation pipe, which ensures that the air flows from the toilet seat and composting container outwards and no unpleasant odor is let into toilet in any circumstances. The ventilation also boosts the evaporation of liquid – especially at warm weather.


  • composting container 120 liters
  • wheels
  • ventilation kit: ventilation pipe 100 cm 2 pcs, a flexible pipe 50 cm, a ventilation pipe cap, a joint and fixtures
  • liquid hose 150 cm (also longer hose available – contact us)
  • liquid canister 20 liters
  • lid of the container and an adjustable waste shaft 30 cm
  • bag of dry material
  • thermal seat with a hardboard and fixtures
  • manual for installation and use


When the Green Toilet container gets full and it is time for service, the flexible part of the ventilation pipe and the liquid hose are taken off. No tools are needed for this. After this, the container is pulled out with wheels.

If there is a Green Toilet spare container available, the bottom of the empty container is covered with dry material. The lid with the waste shaft is put on the empty container and put back to the toilet. The full container is covered with a closed lid and left to decompose until it is time for the next service.


Green Toilet is excellent for family use in holiday homes and cottages both indoors and in traditional outhouses. In seasonal use, Green Toilet 120 serves 4-6 people and usually one spare container is enough. Spare containers can be acquired separately according to the need. Thus, Green Toilet 120 can serve also in continuous use in permanent houses.


Size 60 cm 60 cm 70 cm
Weight of the package 24 kg
Liquid hose yes (included) 150 cm diam 32 mm
Ventilation pipe yes (included) 200 cm + 50 cm flex.pipe diam 110 mm

Green Toilet Family 120 composition

Green Toilet Family 120 measurements

Special double base

Green Toilet separates urine from solid waste with a unique double base inside the container. Thanks to the double base, the Green Toilet is completely odorless and pleasant to use.

Adjusting waste shaft

The Green Toilet has vertically adjusting waste shaft (0-30 cm) so that it fits all outhouse structures below the toilet seat no matter what the height is.

Just the right size

Green Toilet 120 Family has been designed to have enough capacity for three to five month family-use. Hence the maintenance interval is not too short nor is the size of the container too big or heavy. Anyone can move it around and do the maintenance when necessary.

Adjustable height: 70-100 cm, width: 60 cm, depth: 60 cm.

Spare container is great!

There is also a spare container available for the Green Toilet. The spare container enables continuous use of the toilet. As the former Green Toilet container fills up, there is a spare container that can be put into use immediately. The filled up container can be set aside for further composting process for example in garden.

The spare container is sold separately.

paras mökkivessa! ollut meillä vuosia

Thank you for this product invention solid engineering. My friend had one in spain for the family, very hygenic.

Mulla pikku vihreän kuivakäymälä. Heille voi soittaa ja kysellä vaikka mitä eli asiakaspalvelu ihan huippua 🥰 ei haise, helppo tyhjentää.

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