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Double outhouse “Julkkis”

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The double outhouse “Julkkis” is an outhouse toilet specifically made for public use. Name “Julkkis” is Finnish and refers to publicity and public use. Julkkis has two spacious toilet sides next to each other so that it fits perfectly for public and customer use. When equipped with Green Toilet 330 composting toilets, the capacity of Julkkis is tremendous yet very easy to maintain in good shape.

When it comes to planning and making an outhouse dry toilet for public use, the keys to success are suitable capacity, effortless maintenance, proper ventilation, and carefully thought-out handling of leachate. Here at Pikkuvihreä, we are true experts of private and public outhouses. Please let us help you in finding the right dry toilet solution for your needs and ask for a quote.

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Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


The double outhouse “Julkkis” is specifically designed and made for public use such as golf-courses, nature trails and other areas without access to sewage system. Julkkis is made of two toilet compartments next to each other. It can easily be equipped with ingenious Green Toilet composting dry toilet containers. The capacity of the toilet can be adjusted to fit 20-150 daily users.

The Julkkis outhouse in made in Finland. The wooden elements are crafted so that it leaves the beautiful shapes of wood visible. The frame of the outhouse is made of 45 x 58 mm planed spruce. The floor element is made of 21 mm floor wood.

Delivery contents

  • Outhouse structure unpainted wood, ready elements
  • Doors including windows and handles
  • All screws and nails for assembly
  • Roofing felt
  • Wooden benches (no ready cut holes)

The composting dry toilet containers and roof eaves seen in the images are sold separately. The wooden elements can be handled by hand when mounted.

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