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Outhouses are small wooden toilet buildings. In most cases, they are equipped with a odorless composting toilet like the Green Toilet.

Traditionally, outhouses have been “the toilet solution” in summer cottages and cabins given that they are relatively simple to build, have great toilet capacity and serve for decades with little maintenance. However, in many places we can still find outhouses with just buckets underneath the toilet seat. Consequently, the old outhouses tend to be smelly, not-so-nice toilets to use. Fortunately, modern outhouses with new composting toilets are very different from the old ones. Modern day outhouses are odorless, pleasant toilets to visit and maintain.

Whenever possible, locate your outhouse in a sunny place near the user and far from water areas

When it comes to the outlooks, your hands are free! Many people like to decorate the own outhouses with wall papers and flowers which is definitely great. Nevertheless, there are certain basic principles which we would like to remind about. For the sake of pleasant use, locate your outhouse as near as the main building so that no one has to run a mile to the toilet under an urgent need. Also, be sure that the path to the toilet is in good enough shape even if someone has to visit the outhouse during nighttime.

Traditionally, old outhouses were taken as far from the main building as possible because of the smells. However, this is no longer necessary as the toilet equipment in outhouses has developed from rotting buckets to sophisticated composters with efficient ventilation. Still, you should avoid any toilet waste from getting in water areas that might be nearby. For example, if your holiday home is next to a lake, we recommend placing the toilet at least 20 meters apart from the water. This is because toilet waste is highly nutritious and hence harmful for water.

To achieve the maximum efficient composting process, take advantage of sunlight and warming affect by placing the outhouse in a sunny place. Place the composting unit facing sun to maximize evaporation of liquid.

A spacious outhouse is better than a small one

When planning a new outhouse, we recommend having a spacious one rather than too small. Otherwise, there might not be enough room for yourself to turn around, put your pants down etc. Additionally, there should be enough space for dry materials, toilet paper and maybe some hand washing equipment. Please also make sure that the outhouse has at least one window and maybe a light for nighttime visits.

Our outhouse selection includes very nice toilets from private as well as for public use. Transportation abroad Finland is possible for some models. Please contact us for more information! [email protected]


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